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Design, develop, produce and market, are the premises to create value for customers, employees, suppliers, communities with which it interacts and contributes to improving the environment and quality of life in general. Support and encourage initiatives aimed at sustainable development of the sector. Being a company with national presence, an updated and pleasant environment.



It exports all over the world. It has the privilege of being present at reputable stores from many countries, household products for our customers.mercados The company employs a staff that takes a young spirit, dynamic, professional with total flexibility, allowing you to forward to several projects with the maximum guarantees of quality, efficiency and delivery, thus employing our core value: Know-how.

With the central premise of a rapid production capacity, develop and commercialize soles one-color injected in TR (expanded, single), PVC and other thermoplastic compounds. We produce two-color soles in TR and TPU outsoles as well as PUR.

The Company is specialized in the production of soles with turn to, as well as TR and PVC soles combined with various materials (leather, etc.), With most types of finishes.



setaThe performance of the Company reflects its core values:
•    Cooperation and partnership
•    Professionalism and thoroughness
•    Integrity and honesty
•    Inovation and continuous improvement with a sense of speed
•    Construction of this driven by vision.



People Culture - People are a fundamental reference of the management staff that values and recognizes that these are the source of an attitude of constant renewal and leverage the competitiveness of the Company.

Corporate Culture - Company attentive to consumer needs and emerging trends, recognizes the importance of developing innovative products, strengthening the image and customer service as key differentiators. Evolved in order to give a more differentiated, flexible, efficient and positive ideals that the Company shall, focusing on the development of methodologies able to integrate, as appropriate, and pro-active, the activities of product design and communication with the technical expertise of engineering and production, in pursuit of new approaches, ideas and ways to meet its objectives.